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    Our Town Multimedia is a professional video production company that records all kinds of events including anniversaries, graduations, weddings, plays, memorials, parties, sports, shows, seminars and performances using high definition cameras.

Contact us so we can record your event.

We can produce high definition Blue Ray disks, high quality DVDs or standard or high definition files.
Any format you need we can do it.
The files we create can be uploaded to any video site such as YouTube, FaceBook or Vimeo.

Drama, choir, stage

Performances & Shows

School, theater, amateur or professional

Wedding Cake


Let us record your special day

basketball, wrestling, water polo, soccer


Court, field, pool or mat

presentation speech


Seminars & Meetings

Real Estate

Real Estate

Residential & Commercial

autobiography, documentary

Life Story / Documentary

Tell your story while using images and video

Music Video

Music Videos

See your music come to life

Memorials, Awards, Graduations


Memorials / Awards / Graduations

Transfer to digital media

Film Reels, Tape & Audio

Enjoy watching and listening to your old recordings.

Ads for TV mobile and Internet


Sell your product, get people to your event.

Celebrate Birthday Party

Parties / Birthdays

Record your special event.


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